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    Understanding Cabinet Grades

    A Quick Guide to Cabinet Grades

    It can be challenging to compare features and prices when shopping for new cabinets. Use this handy guide to evaluate your options, then consider how much more you can get for your money with Refacing & More’s huge selection of refacing options.

    GOOD: Builder Grade Cabinets

    Primary Design Objective:
    Provide a basic look at the lowest possible price


    • Economical construction
    • End panels recessed and often finished with “wood-look” laminate
    • Limited styles, trim details, wood options, and finishes
    • Often rough feel; finishes show wear over time

    Where Found:
    Standard in most new homes built in the last 15-20 years; also in new cabinets sold at big-box retailers, and by typical cabinet refacing companies

    Kitchen Island
    Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

    BETTER: Furniture Grade Cabinets

    Primary Design Objective:
    Provide a much nicer look and feel than builder grade; details simulate fine furniture


    • Good quality construction, durable
    • Flush end panels
    • Greater choice of woods, door styles, finishes
    • Matching moldings add interest
    • Cost about 20% more than a builder grade cabinets

    Where Found:
    May be offered by new home builders as optional upgrade; used frequently in remodeled kitchens

    Kitchen island refacing
    Kitchen Cabinet refacing

    BEST: Custom Cabinetry

    Primary Design Objective:
    A high level of finishing touches, decorative details, and unique colors and finishes that create a one-of-a-kind look


    • High-quality construction and long-lasting performance
    • Flush end panels with added details
    • More options for moldings and trim for architectural interest
    • Large selection of door and drawer-front styles
    • Large selection of woods (including exotics) and laminates
    • Large selection of superior long-lasting finishes including stains, glazes, washes, stock and custom paint colors – a difference you can see and feel

    Where Found:
    High-end custom-built homes and custom kitchen remodels – dream kitchens in magazines, on Houzz, and HGTV.

    Local cabinet refacing project
    Local kitchen cabinet refacing
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