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    Top 5 FAQs About Cabinet Refacing

    Steph Lane Refacing After 1If you are looking to update the look of your kitchen, then refacing your cabinets is a great way to save money on your projects. If you are unfamiliar with cabinet refacing, then this blog is for you! We’ve compiled a list of the top five questions we get asked about what we do.

    1. How does cabinet refacing work? Simply put refacing cabinets is like applying a new skin. After your doors and drawer fronts are removed, your cabinet boxes are sanded down and a new, durable veneer is applied over your existing cabinet. New cabinet doors and drawer fronts are then installed, giving your kitchen a new, fresh look. We do ask that you remove everything from inside your cabinets before we start the project. Learn more about Our Process.
    2. How long does the process take? If we are just refacing cabinets, an average size kitchen can take up to 5 days, with smaller kitchens. We also offer small remodeling services, such as adding new cabinets, mounting a microwave, adding under cabinet lighting, etc. These additional services can add more time to your project.
    3. How does cabinet refacing save me money? A full kitchen remodeling project can cost $20,000+ easily with purchasing new cabinets taking up a lot of that cost. If you are happy with the placement of your cabinets but just want a new, fresh look then this process is a great option because it uses your kitchen cabinet boxes and refaces them with a new veneer.
    4. What is the refacing selection like? We offer a tremendous selection of wood types, styles, and finishes:
      • Seven different wood types: red oak, maple, cherry, quarter sawn white oak, hickory, walnut, and rustic alder.
      • 15-18 stains on each wood type and 34 paint options.
      • You can customize your finish by adding glazing or distressing
      • We offer 9 main door/drawer styles with a myriad of options
        With our selection, you can truly create any look that you want!
    1. How long do refaced cabinets last? Our veneer product can last decades if treated well.


    Take the next step and get a free estimate for your kitchen remodeling project. Our owner will come to your house, take measurements, and show you any samples of wood, finish, and door styles that you would like.

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