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    Pros and Cons of White and Dark Cabinets

    If you are looking to update the look of your kitchen one major aspect to consider is the color. White is an extremely popular option, but it may not work for your lifestyle. Take a look at the chart below that breaks down the pros and cons of white versus dark cabinets.

    SPACE FEELMakes a space open & bright, but can also make it feel cold and sterile.Can make a space look smaller and more cramped so it is better for larger kitchens.
    WEAR & TEARMakes stains and damage more noticeable.Able to hide stains and damage easier and you can often repair darker cabinets more easily.
    TRENDSWhite kitchens are classic and always come back in style fairly quickly.As color change with fads your kitchen can easily become outdated quickly.
    DECORATINGBecause white cabinets create a light, neutral backdrop it gives you a lot of versatility when decorating.Dark cabinets tend to limit how you can decorate as your color palette will be limiting.

    Once you’ve decided on whether you want to with white or dark cabinets the next step is to determine the color. We offer 34 paint options (with 10 being shades of white, cream, and grey) on Maple wood and anywhere between 4 and 18 stains, depending on the wood type. You can further personalize your cabinets with a special finishing technique, such as distressing, glazing, weathering, and more!

    Now that you’ve decided on your color you can consider the door and drawer style that you want to use. We offer nine different main styles, all with different variations, enabling you to create a custom look that is uniquely you.

    Take the next step in your kitchen remodeling project and schedule your in-home consultation today! We offer free, no-obligation estimates as well as provide samples of our cabinet door styles and finishes for you to see in your home.

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