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    Kitchen Design Trends We Expect to See in 2022

    The pandemic has taught us a lot about the important role the kitchen plays in our lives. For those who weren’t used to spending a lot of time in the kitchen found that the pandemic forced them to utilize this space more. As things haven’t changed significantly, we feel that a lot wont change for kitchen design trends. Check out this blog for more of what we anticipate.



    Kitchen Island 8Reuse, Repurpose

    Supply chain issues had really challenged us to think outside the box. We don’t foresee much improvement with the supply chain so just as we saw last year, we saw people reusing other items in their home for new purposes and not be so quick to throw something out. Taking an old cabinet, refinishing it and using it as a storage cabinet, using a salvaged table as an island, or looking at resell shops for lighting.




    Steph Lane Refacing After 2Maintaining a Multipurpose Function

    As we have been spending more time in our home, the kitchen is the perfect multi-use space because people naturally gather there. As more people are investing in their homes and taking on remodeling projects we anticipate the continuing with people trying to open up their space more, incporating an island or a peninsula for people to gather.




    Green is a Hot Color

    People love the feeling of nature and we saw that last year with people incorporating hues of green into their color schemes. Many people made a bold statement by using a darker green as their cabinet green. In 2022 we don’t see the use of green as stopping. Green hues have also made its way into countertops! We will continue to see greens used in other ways, but more in a subdued way in order to promote calmness. Sherwin-William’s Evergreen Fog (SW 9130) 2022 color of the year is a grey-green color with a hint of blue is a timeless color and creates a beautiful backdrop.



    Cedar Springs Refacing After 6More Lighting

    As we are gathering more in the kitchen we are noticing people adding more accent lighting to help brighten up the space. This includes more lighting over islands or under cabinet lighting. This is especially noticeable in kitchens that don’t offer a lot of natural lighting.




    Perrinton Lakeside Dr Refacing After 2Bolder Statements

    Although a white kitchen will remain classic, as we still have a lot of customers going in that direction, we’ve also begun to see people make a bold statement with color backsplash tiles, or a darker cabinet color. We anticipate that this will continue in 2022 as a way for people to incorporate pops of color or a way to deviate from the norm.




    Novi Ceader Spring Estates Kitchen Refacing Project AfterMaintaining a Feel of Coziness

    Last year we saw the need for coziness made a priority and we don’t see that changing in 2022. We anticipate continuing to declutter and keep infrequently used appliances and utensils tucked away. In addition, we are also seeing people adding items that are useful and aesthetically pleasing. Gone are days we consider things purely on function, but also taking into how it will look sitting permanently on the counter.




    If you are looking to do a remodeling project, get in touch and let us help you save money! Start with a free in-home consultation to discuss your vision.

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