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    Kitchen Cabinet Refacing versus Remodeling

    We have found that many consumers don’t really know what it costs to replace their kitchen. In most cases, they significantly underestimate their total project cost. And it’s no surprise why they miss the mark. Many kitchen suppliers piecemeal prices to give the illusion of affordability.

    The Real Cost of Remodeling

    Consider the example of a beautiful kitchen display at a big box retailer, with a price tag of $5,500. Roughly figuring labor and extras, you ‘guesstimate’ your kitchen remodel at an affordable $7,000. But what about these forgotten costs:

    • Optional cabinet styles or upgrades
    • Removing old cabinets
    • Shipping and installation
    • Plumbing and electrical work
    • New countertop and floor to fit your new layout

    That $7,000 project turned into a $15,000 project in the blink of an eye.

    Cabinet Refacing Estimate

    Save Money with Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

    How much does refacing save you on your kitchen? Refacing could save you 50-70% of the total project cost of a full remodel. Why is that the case? We use your existing cabinet boxes in your current layout and overlay them with a new, durable veneer and install new doors and drawer fronts, creating a whole new look for your kitchen.

    In addition, with our process, you can add additional cabinets or a kitchen island and we can reface them all to match! Also, with kitchen cabinet refacing you can change out your hardware to create a beautiful new look.

    Cabinet Refacing

    How to know if Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is right for you

    Refacing isn’t just about saving money, although you certainly can do that depending on the styles you choose and the options you select.

    • You want a fresh new style or color but your cabinets are still in good shape
    • You’ve already invested in a high-end countertop
    • You’re happy with your existing flooring
    • You don’t want the hassle, mess and added costs of a complete remodel – Refacing can be completed in just days, you don’t have to empty your cabinets, and you can use your kitchen every night during the installation process.
    Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

    If you’re looking to dramatically enhance your kitchen using high-quality products that create a custom kitchen look – with less disruption to your lifestyle – call us to schedule a free in-home consultation at 248-559-1200.

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