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    How to Tell the Difference Between a Good and Bad Refacing Job


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    If you are planning on remodeling your kitchen, cabinet refacing is an option you should consider. With cabinet refacing, you can give your kitchen a whole new style at a lower price than a full remodel.

    Cabinet refacing is a simple and inexpensive process. There are many finishes and colors to choose from, and you get a new look for your kitchen. Unfortunately, not all cabinet refacing jobs are the same. How can you tell the difference between a good cabinet refacing job and a bad one? Keep reading to learn more about how to tell the difference between a good and bad refacing job.

    Good Refacing Job

    A good cabinet refacing job will give you a long-lasting look for your kitchen. The following are some signs that you are getting a good refacing job.


    Professionally-installed cabinet refacing will be durable and last for years. When a professional is doing the work, it does not look like a DIY job. A refacing professional will use the correct equipment, use all of the correct steps in the process, and use the best materials for long-lasting results.

    Quality of Materials

    The quality of materials matters. In proper cabinet refacing, the doors are completely replaced with new ones. The remaining cabinets are sanded and refinished to match the new doors. There should be no missed steps in this process.

    The best cabinet refacing jobs will use hardwood or high-density fiberboard. These are durable and long-lasting materials. The type of material used will ultimately depend on your budget, but you should be getting what you pay for.


    A professional cabinet refacing company will guarantee their work or include a warranty for their product. A high-quality company will take pride in its workmanship and stand behind the work they do. A contractor with a guarantee is a sign of a good refacing job.

    Done by Professionals

    When you pay for professional cabinet refacing, you expect that professionals will be doing the work. A professional will have the knowledge needed to walk you through the entire process and help you make the best decisions for your home. A professional cabinet refacing company will know exactly what they are doing and will be able to work quickly while still achieving a high-quality result.

    Bad Refacing Job

    A poor-quality cabinet refacing company will not be professional and may use subpar materials or look like an amateur job. The following are some signs that you are getting a bad refacing job.

    Cheap Materials

    In a bad refacing job, you may see cheap, thin, or poorly made materials being used. Often, low-quality cabinet refacing companies will simply cover existing cabinet doors with thin plastic veneers that are prone to peeling, cracking, and warping. Poor-quality materials will not be as durable.

    It Looks Like DIY

    Do-it-yourself is great and can often save you time and money. However, some things should be left to the professionals. Cabinet refacing, especially when done by a company, should not look like a DIY job.

    A lower-quality refacing company may use a DIY kit to get the job done quickly and cheaply. These kits result in a poor-quality refacing job that will not last.

    For more information about having cabinets refaced, visit Cabinet Refacing today. Contact us for a free estimate now.

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