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    How to Prepare Your Kitchen for Cabinet Refacing

    Installing new doors on a refaced cabinetsCabinet Refacing and More strives to make refacing your kitchen cabinets as smooth and less disruptive as possible. From start to finish a typical job is about three to five days and we try to schedule the install at a time that is most convenient for you.

    1. Clean off your kitchen counters. To make sure that nothing is damaged we ask that you remove all items off your kitchen counters.
    2. Remove trashcans, shelving and other items that are by your cabinets. We want to make sure that the smaller items around your kitchen cabinets are removed. Please also make sure that towel holders and other items that are anchored to your cabinets are removed.
    3. Purchase any hardware you want to use. If you are looking to have your hardware changed, please make sure that all knobs, pulls, and hinges are purchased before the project starts to avoid any delays. If you are wanting to use your current hardware, but paint them a different color, please have them ready to install before the project starts. Please note that we do not provide or paint hardware.
    4. Make sure any pets secured away from your kitchen. Having a place for your pets to chill before we arrive will help the project run smoothly. Also, it will help to make sure that your pets or our workers aren’t injured during the refacing process.

    We don’t want to stress you out and give you more work to prepare for your cabinet refacing project, so here are a few reminders on what you don’t need to do in preparation:

    • Remove items from inside cabinets and drawers. With our cabinet refacing process all items can stay safely inside your cabinets without fear of them being damaged.
    • Move your fridge and stove. We don’t want you to hurt yourself so we can take care of the heavy lifting/moving.
    • Wash cabinets. We will take care of any cabinet prep, sanding, and washing.

    If you have any questions about our cabinet refacing process, you can check out more information on our Our Process page, or call us at (248) 669-1200.

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