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    How to Help Your Home Sell for More

    With the Housing Market booming in much of the country, you may be considering selling your house. How can you make sure you get the most for your house, without shelling out too much money yourself? The following guide covers some useful tips for getting your house ready for selling.

    Get the Price Right

    Getting the price right for your home, and learning what your local housing market looks like, is one of the most important steps in selling your house. Do a little research on what comparable houses in your area are selling for.

    Look at similar homes that have sold in the last 3 months. You will want to list your home within 10-15% of the average selling price. You never know, getting the price right could cause a bidding war, driving the selling price higher than expected.

    Stick to Small Upgrades

    You might think that putting a lot of money and effort into remodeling your house will help it sell for more, but you should think again. Don’t spend a lot of money remodeling just to sell. You may see your home sell for more money, but there’s no guarantee of that. Consider smaller upgrades to make your home more attractive to buyers, instead.

    The first thing you’ll want to do is declutter your home. Clear out your closets, organize the linen closet, and tidy up all of your bookshelves. Too much excess stuff is distracting for buyers, so make sure you have a minimal amount of things left out.

    Consider getting your carpets and wood floors professionally cleaned. This can go a long way towards making your home feel newer and fresher. In the same vein, having the walls painted a neutral color, preferably white or light gray, can make your home feel much brighter and airier.

    Don’t forget about the outside. Increase the curb appeal of your home with new plants, flowers, and mulch. It may be a good idea to invest in a professional landscaper to help get your home sold.

    Get Rid of Personal Items

    When selling your home, it’s a good idea to put away all of your personal items. Shoppers like to imagine themselves in your home, and it is more difficult for them to do that if your home is full of personal items like family photos and mementos.

    Start by taking all family photos from the walls, tables, and shelves and putting them into storage. Then, remove any kid’s artwork, trophies, ribbons, and souvenirs. Following these steps will leave your home feeling like a “clean slate” for the buyer.

    Make Your Kitchen Shine

    Your kitchen is the most important room when selling your home. You’ll want to start by scrubbing and polishing every nook and cranny. Make the sink and fixtures sparkle. Make sure your cabinets and pantry are well-organized and free of clutter.

    Small things like replacing your backsplash or giving the room a fresh coat of paint can go a long way when selling a house. Getting your kitchen cabinets refaced is also a great way to give your kitchen a whole new look and make your kitchen more attractive to buyers. You can make your kitchen look more modern and trendy without the cost of a full remodel.

    For more information on upgrading your kitchen, visit our blog, or contact Cabinet Refacing today for a consultation.

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