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    Four Ways to Save Money on your Kitchen Refresh Project

    As the new year comes in new year resolutions are beginning to be in full effect. With everyone having more time at home and more time on their hands, home improvement projects, do it yourself (diy) projects have become the latest craze. With that, many people are changing their resolution phrase to “New Year-New Project.” The kitchen is the one place in your home that is of most importance and tends to be used the most. This space is renovated the most because it’s the space that requires a lot more maintenance and accommodation depending on the person and or family needs. Cabinet Refacing and More has unlocked ways that you can save money on your kitchen remodel while still achieving that fresh new years look.

    Novi Lake Sherwood Kitchen Refacing Project AfterReface Your Cabinets

    Replacing cabinetry is very much expensive, as pricing can range from upward to $15,000 to as low as $6,000 depending on labor and materials. By refacing your cabinets, you can cut that cost significantly. Cabinet refacing uses your current cabinets and updating them with a new “skin” and door making them appear as if they were brand new cabinets. This process takes about 5-7 days at most, giving you minimal interruption. This way you save on money and time!

    Update Backsplash

    Updating your backsplash can be very cost-effective if you know where to make the proper cuts when it comes to materials. It also makes for a rather easy and fun do it yourself project. Backsplash materials may include the following: paint, wallpaper, ceramic tile, stone/marble tile, stone/rock, wood, and or glass. These materials can be very affordable with a low-cost brand and finding materials that can imitate the real thing. Collecting rocks from outside, repurposing materials from outdated items or even intertwining materials make for an inexpensive upgrade.  You are also able to get that customized look that makes your kitchen stand out even more.

    Update Hardware

    Changing the hardware on cabinets and drawers can provide a more modern and custom look without having to break the bank. All it requires is stopping by your local hardware store, purchasing some hardware accessories and getting your screwdriver or drill and having a spare hour or so, and changing out the old with the new. If that seems to be too much for the very inexpensive route you can always grab some quality spray paint and have it. These tools can really boost the look of your kitchen and for cheap.

    Update Countertops

    Nowadays home projects have been booming which allows for more savvy ways of creating the ideal personalized space. Countertop updates sound extremely costly however with home improvement taking more of a do-it-yourself approach there are a lot more ways of achieving an enhanced counter look than having to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to replace it. For instance, you are able to cover your counters with a special paint that’s easy to apply or you can even cover your counters with countertop paper it’s just like wallpaper but for counters and it is extremely affordable and comes in various colors and patterns.

    Affordable or cost-effective does not have to mean tacky and or cut corners. It simply means remodeling at a cost that benefits you rather than takes from you. Besides we are sure you are going to want to tackle more than one project for the new year with these savings.

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