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    Explanation of Our Popular Cabinet Door Styles

    Novi Addington Park Refacing Project AfterDid you know that the kitchen is most likely the first room to be renovated in a home? It is also the room to be renovated more times than any other room over a twenty-year span. I’m sure you’re scratching your head asking yourself “but why?” Well, the answer is quite simple the kitchen is the predominant place that benefits everyone and is used most frequently, having more wear and tear sooner than any other room. A kitchen upgrade typically involves a fresh coat of paint, newer appliances, changing out old tiles, perhaps knocking down a wall or even swamping in a different countertop and let us not forget replacing the cabinet doors. Now within that kitchen remodel what area do you think most of the budget will go to? We’ll give you a hint ‘Cabinetry” according to out of 100% of a budget 29% of that would be spent on the cabinetry and hardware, followed by 17% being spent on installment.

    Cabinetry makes up most of the budget because most of the kitchen is in fact cabinets. As you think about it, it is pretty funny picturing your kitchen in your head and just seeing a plethora of cabinets laugh out loud. Still no matter how bizarre that percentage may seem replacing cabinetry can get expensive and that’s because of the many different types to choose from. The make, style, texture, material, even color plays a big factor in cabinets. So let us open our cabinet reface insights and hand you some much-needed information on the “different types and styles of cabinet doors.”

    Flat Panel Door Kitchen Cabinet Style

    Flat Panel Flat panel refers to the family of door styles with a flat center panel. The different styles of flat panel doors we offer are Lancaster, Parkside, Pendelton, Pendelton II, Pierce, Sante Fe, Sterling, Suther Land, Louvered, Cabana.

    Applied Molding Door Kitchen Cabinet Style

    Applied MoldingApplied molding door styles have decorative molding accenting the perimeter of the center panel. The different styles of applied molding doors we offer are Chateu, Hamilton, Heritage SQ, and Savannah.

    Mitered Door Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

    Mitered Frame – The term mitered refers to how the rails and stiles of the door meet at the corners. Mitered joinery is at a 45-degree angle. The different styles of the mitered frame doors we offer are the Aria, Arlington, Cambridge, and Sonoma.

    Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

    Raised PanelRaised panel refers to the family of door styles with a raised solid center panel. The different styles of raised panel doors we offer are the Channing, Chesapeake, Hilcrest, Oxford, and Sierra.

    Beaded Panel Door Kitchen Cabinet Style

    Beaded PanelBeaded panel refers to a style featuring evenly-spaced, vertical beading on the flat center panel. The different styles of beaded panel doors we offer would be the Summit and Villa.

    Kitchen Cabinet Slab Door Style

    Slab – Unlike the previous doors mentioned above the slab door can expand, contract, bind, or even warp over time. The different styles of slab doors we offer are the Duet ss, Milan, Horizon, Novara, and Vienna.

    We also offer other door/drawer styles such as Louvered, 3-Piece, and 5-Piece. Before you start your kitchen remodeling project be sure to check out the types of cabinet doors and styles in more detail in our Showplace Cabinetry Catalog.

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