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    Cabinet Refacing Wood Type Options

    Looking to update your tired, dated kitchen? Refacing allows you to completely transform the look of your kitchen in just 5 days. You can easily go from dark to white, to traditional to modern, and even oak to maple. If you are looking to reface your cabinets you should first be familiar with the wood types that we offer. This will help you identify the look you want. Check out the seven cabinet wood types available:

    Red Oak Cabinet Doors

    Red Oak

    A classic, time-honored wood type that has been used in cabinets for centuries. It has a pronounced, open grain with flowing patterns. Its natural color has an orange-reddish hue, but is available in one of our 17 stains options.

    Cherry Cabinet Doors


    Cherry has been known for giving furniture and cabinets an elegant, refined look. It has a fine grain patter with swirls and flowing, random patterns. Its natural color varies from nearly white to dark reddish brown. It is available in 17 stains, in addition to natural. Please be aware that cherry darkens with age.

    Hickory Cabinet Doors


    Hickory is the preferred option for someone wanting a rustic look for their cabinets. It displays predominant grain patterns. Its color can range from light cream color to dark browns. Hickory is available in 15 stain colors, in addition to the natural look.

    Maple Cabinet Doors


    Maple is often the go-to choice from someone wanting a clean, modern look to their cabinets. It has a uniform grain pattern, and its colors are more light cream. It is available in 13 stains, including natural, as well as it is the preferred wood type for painting, which gives you 34 more finish options!

    Quarter Sawn White Oak Cabinet Doors

    Quarter Sawn White Oak

    If you are looking for an Arts & Crafts style cabinet, quarter sawn white oak is your perfect option. It has a unique grain pattern because the wood is cut at a 90-degree angle creating a tight, slightly raised pattern. Its colors are cooler white to brown with sage undertones. It is available in 13 stains, in addition to the natural look.

    Rustic Alder Cabinet Doors

    Rustic Alder

    This is a great option for someone wanting a more refined rustic look. It features a grain pattern similar to cherry with the added character of knots, mineral streaks, and other color variations. Its color is light beige to areas of darker brown. It is available in 12 stains, in addition to the natural look.

    Walnut Cabinet Door


    Looking for a refined option with a little character? Walnut is the perfect option for you. It has a beautiful grain pattern, characterized by a lot of movement and streaks Its color, ranging from tan to dark brown to purplish-gray heartwood and creamy white to blonde sapwood. A darker stain is recommended when less color variation is desired. We offer 3 stain options in addition to the natural look.

    Learn more about our wood and finish options on our Product Options page. You can also schedule a free estimate where we can bring examples of the door styles, woods and finishes to your home so you can see what your options would look like in your space, under your lighting.

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