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    Cabinet Refacing vs Cabinet Painting in a Kitchen Remodel

    If you’re thinking about a quick kitchen remodel, two options usually come to mind: cabinet refacing and cabinet painting. So, which option is better for you? Keep reading to find out why cabinet refacing is the better way to go!




    The first things you should consider before you decide what option to take are: the condition of your kitchen cabinets, the look & design you are trying to achieve, and your budget. 


    So what’s the difference between cabinet refacing and cabinet painting?


    Cabinet Refacing

    Cabinet refacing is a 3-5 day process that allows you to easily upgrade your cabinets. Doors and drawer fronts are removed, and the outside of your cabinet boxes are “reskinned” using a high quality, durable veneer. New doors and drawer fronts are installed with either new or reused hardware, depending on your preference. The idea here is to keep your existing cabinetry structure, while providing a new look of the doors and drawers.


    Cabinet Painting

    Just as the name suggests, cabinet painting is when you simply paint over the doors and drawers you already have. Some prefer to hire a professional while others prefer to save some money and do it themselves. Cabinet painting is a time-intensive process as you have a lot of prep work as well as you have to do several coats of paint and topcoat to ensure the paint won’t wear off easily. Your cabinet doors and/or drawers could be in bad condition and also, painting takes time and patience – and is no simple task. Depending on the amount of wear your cabinets get, painting could last only 3-5 years before it starts chipping, even when done by a professional company. 


    When to Reface

    You should reface your kitchen cabinets if you want to:

    • Make a drastic change in your kitchen’s overall aesthetic
    • Update the handles and fittings of your cabinets
    • Add significant value to your home
    • Give the impression of newly-fitted cabinets without spending the money


    We recommend refacing your kitchen cabinets if:

    • Your doors are in poor condition
    • You don’t like your existing doors
    • You’re already happy with your door frames and drawers 


    When to Paint

    We recommend painting your cabinets if:

    • Your doors are in good condition
    • You like your existing doors
    • You want to keep the existing look of your kitchen similar
    • You like the handles and fittings as they are
    • You want to commit to a long process of painting all cabinets and drawers
    • You aren’t wanting to make a long-lasting change. 


    The Verdict

    Any kitchen remodel project will take a bit of time, but you should also consider multiple factors such as the cost and how your home will benefit best from the choice you make. Surprisingly, cabinet refacing is a great cost-effective way to give your kitchen an update without costing a fortune. Cabinet painting can end up costing more than expected – especially if you try to do it yourself, rather than hire professional painters. If you’re happy with the layout and condition of your existing cabinetry, refacing can be a very sensible idea.


    Our professionals at Cabinet Refacing & More have the experience and tools needed to give your kitchen a makeover that fits your style and budget. Our services offer a convenient, affordable alternative to the hassle of cabinet painting. We take customer service seriously and only use the highest quality materials. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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