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    Cabinet Door Refacing

    Cabinet Door Replacement and Refacing

    Cabinet styles play a significant role in the overall look of your kitchen. Updating the style of your kitchen can be easily done by simply refacing your cabinets doors. Our selection from Showplace Cabinetry is one of the best in the industry. With over 20 years of experience, they offer a level of quality that will give your kitchen a custom look and add value to your home. Their cabinet door refacing products feature a durable, factory-applied baked-on finish that is guaranteed to hold up over time.

    Novi Lake Sherwood Kitchen Refacing Project After

    Cabinet Door Replacement Options

    We offer a range of cabinet door replacement styles that will completely transform the look of your kitchen. Here are several of our popular styles, but Showplace Cabinetry offers a selection of nine different styles on seven wood types with the option of selecting one of our 34 paint and 25 stain colors. Check out the full selection of options in the Showplace Cabinetry Catalog.

    Flat Panel Door Kitchen Cabinet Style

    Flat Panel – Flat panel refers to the family of door styles with a flat center panel. The different styles of flat panel doors we offer are Lancaster, Parkside, Pendelton, Pendelton II, Pierce, Sante Fe, Sterling, Suther Land, Louvered, Cabana.

    Applied Molding Door Kitchen Cabinet Style

    Applied Molding – Applied molding door styles have decorative molding accenting the perimeter of the center panel. The different styles of applied molding doors we offer are Chateu, Hamilton, Heritage SQ, and Savannah.

    Mitered Door Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

    Mitered Frame – The term mitered refers to how the rails and stiles of the door meet at the corners. Mitered joinery is at a 45-degree angle. The different styles of the mitered frame doors we offer are the Aria, Arlington, Cambridge, and Sonoma.

    Raised Panel Kitchen Cabinet Door Style

    Raised Panel – Raised panel refers to the family of door styles with a raised solid center panel. The different styles of raised panel doors we offer are the Channing, Chesapeake, Hilcrest, Oxford, and Sierra.

    Beaded Panel Door Kitchen Cabinet Style

    Beaded Panel – Beaded panel refers to a style featuring evenly-spaced, vertical beading on the flat center panel. The different styles of beaded panel doors we offer would be the Summit and Villa.

    Kitchen Cabinet Slab Door Style

    Slab – Unlike the previous doors mentioned above the slab door can expand, contract, bind, or even warp over time. The different styles of slab doors we offer are the Duet ss, Milan, Horizon, Novara, and Vienna.

    Not sure what cabinet door replacement option is right for you? See samples in your home by requesting a free cabinet refacing estimate. Before your appointment, send us images of kitchens you like the look and we’ll make sure that we bring either the exact or a comparable door option to show you. We will also bring an array of finishes so you can see the colors in your home.

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