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    Blending Modern and Rustic Styles in Your Kitchen

    Both modern and rustic kitchen styles have been popular for years, and for good reason. Modern kitchens are minimal, sleek, and functional. Rustic ones are cozy, homey, and practical. Combining elements from both styles creates a kitchen that is new, refreshing, interesting, and stylish. The following guide explains what modern style is, what rustic style is, and how you can mix the two to create a whole new look.

    What is Modern?

    Elements of modern design are very popular to include in homes right now. A modern kitchen design is one with a minimal look, clean lines, and streamlined functionality. A few things a modern kitchen might have are frameless cabinets, simple fixtures and hardware, industrial elements, minimal decorations, and a mostly monochromatic color scheme. Decor would be minimal, sleek, and in neutral tones.

    What is Rustic?

    The rustic style of kitchen has never really gone out of style. Rustic style harkens back to a simpler time when function was more important than style. The rustic look features things like a lot of wood, raw finishes to walls and furniture, unpainted walls or furniture, sinks and countertops made from or inspired by stone, and old-fashioned features like vaulted ceilings. The decor could be family heirlooms or interesting finds from the flea-market.

    How to Blend Modern and Rustic Styles

    Although very different, both modern and rustic styles have something in common. They are both about elevating function over fashion, although they both have a certain elegance. The following section explains some ways you can effectively blend the two styles.


    One way to blend modern and rustic styles is to play with the light in the room. Try mixing modern lighting fixtures with warm wood tones. Brighten up a dark wooden kitchen by leaving tall windows uncovered.

    Another way to brighten up a dark rustic kitchen would be to white-wash the walls; modern kitchens are all about brightness and neutral color, after all. Another way to blend the two styles with light is to hand a modern light fixture from a wooden vaulted ceiling; this creates an interesting and pleasing contrast.

    Decor and Accessories

    Neutral colors combined with warm textures or interesting patterns are the best method to mix decor from modern and rustic styles. For window coverings, consider having plaid curtains or ones with a ruffled edge, but in a neutral color like white or gray.

    Wooden walls or exposed brick look amazing with some sleep metal shelving added on. Consider painting the walls white or gray, but then decorating with fun, country pieces. Think leather, wood, or stone wall hangings. Adding a few rustic accessories to a modern, sleek kitchen creates a space that is uncluttered but still colorful and interesting.

    The Cabinets

    One thing you should consider doing when blending rustic and modern styles is getting your kitchen cabinets refaced. You can get cabinet refacing done in many colors and styles. You could go with a modern gray, white, or black cabinet and pair it with a country-style sink and decor. Alternatively, you could choose a rustic wood stain and match it with a streamlined look and modern fixtures. With cabinet refacing, the style possibilities are endless.

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