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    9 Tips to Jazz Up Your White Kitchen

    White continues to be a go-to color for those wanting a clean, bright kitchen. It’s classic and never goes out of style for long. But if you aren’t careful your kitchen can end up feeling cold and sterile. Here are nine things you can do to bring life into your white kitchen.

    Kitchen Wallpaper1. Add a feature wall. Painting or using wallpaper on an accent wall is a great way to bring color, texture, and personality into your kitchen.




    2. Use a fun pattern for a backsplash. Using contrasting colors or pattern in your backsplash can bring life to your kitchen and really make your white cabinets pop. We love the unique floral tiles behind the stove. Don’t be afraid to go bold and get creative with your backsplash.




    3. Add wood tones and textures. Wood accents can add warmth into a space. You can opt for a wood countertop, wooden shelves or storage containers.






    4. Add greenery or fresh flowers. Bring a pop of color with a fresh floral arrangement in a beautiful vase. If you want a more permanent option, consider a silk floral arrangement or a succulent garden. You can display multiple arrangements on shelves or do a wall garden.




    5. Use a statement piece for lighting. Getting creative with your lighting can really help create the WOW factor in your kitchen. There are a lot of fun chandeliers and pendants that can add style and reflect your fun personality. If you have an island, you can really make a statement with a large chandelier or a series of pendants.




    Steph Lane Refacing After 26. Use Contrast colors. Make your white cabinet pop by using a darker color for the countertop, flooring or wall color. If you have an island you can also make it a different color to make it stand out against the white perimeter cabinets.




    Simple Sleek Kitchen Design7. Use cookware and canisters as pops of color. Use the color of your cookware to print visual interest into your white kitchen. Display them on open shelving or on the counter helps to print a pop of fun color. You can even do this with canisters that can also provide storage to dry good such as flour, sugar, oats, etc.





    8. Use unique hardware. White cabinets give you a blank slate when it comes to choosing your hardware so take the opportunity to do something fun, like these leather hoops this person used in their kitchen.





    Red Stove9. Opt for different color appliances. White, black, and stainless steel are the common colors for appliances but consider making a bold statement with a different color appliance, like this red stove.




    Choosing a white kitchen doesn’t mean it has to be boring. White gives you a blank slate to be able to expression your style and personality. If you are looking to update your kitchen, get in touch for a free cabinet refacing estimate. We can help you transform the look of your kitchen in five days or less!

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