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    8 Easy and Affordable Ways for a Kitchen Update

    Let’s face it, we all spend a lot of time in our kitchens and sometimes you just need a change to freshen it up! The good news is that you can have all the glory of a kitchen update without the huge costs of a complete kitchen remodel!

    Keep reading to learn 5 easy and affordable ways that you can update your kitchen!


    Tradional Style Kitchen


    1. Add color to the back of cabinets and shelves.

    Add a pop of color by painting the backs of your cabinets or even add some fun wallpaper to the backs. This works well with open shelving or glass-front cabinets and can be a fun project to do over the weekend.


    2. Change your backsplash.

    If your backsplash is blah drywall, upgrade it with adhesive tile panels. These days you can find numerous options to this, from stick on tiles to colorful adhesive paper. Similar to adding color to the backs of your cabinets, adding in a new backsplash can be an easy project to do over the weekend.


    3. Update the hardware.

    Simply switching out your existing hardware is a great way to achieve an easy kitchen update. Add brushed metal or fun ceramic knobs, and voila! An instant and updated change!


    4. Paint your seating.

    Add color to your seating in your breakfast nook by painting your chairs a fun color. You can even go the extra mile and update your seat cushions with a bright and fun pattern.


    5. Add lighting.

    Under-cabinet lighting can add an immediate update to your kitchen. Nowadays, under-cabinet lighting has become more and more affordable and again, is a quick and easy project you can complete just over the weekend. There are adhesive versions as well as those you drill in, all which can be found at your local home improvement store.


    6. Add a rug.

    Rugs aren’t just for your living room or bedroom. A good rug in your kitchen can add some much needed color and also hide stains and cracks that may exist from normal wear and tear. 


    7. Hang some art.

    Easily update your kitchen by adding in new artwork on the walls above your breakfast area. If you have windows in that area, change out your draperies with something new that coordinates with the colors you are using.


    8. Reface your cabinets.

    Cabinet refacing offers a variety of options, from colors to finishes, making your kitchen look fresh and new, even if your existing doors and drawer fronts aren’t in the best condition. The additional benefit of this is that a kitchen can be completely refaced in 3-5 days, giving you the least amount of disruption to your lifestyle.


    There are many options when it comes to updating your kitchen that are both easy and affordable!

    If you’re looking to dramatically enhance your kitchen using high-quality products that create a custom kitchen look – with less disruption to your lifestyle – call us to schedule a free in-home consultation at 248-559-1200 or visit our website for more information.

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