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    7 Things That are Making Your Kitchen Feel Dated

    The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. Most people like for their kitchen to be modern and stylish. The modern kitchen is light, bright, and airy.

    If you are thinking of giving your kitchen a little update, you may wonder what things are making your kitchen feel out-of-style. There are many trends, colors, cabinet stains, and appliances that can make a kitchen feel dated. In this guide, we’ll cover 7 things that are making your kitchen feel dated.

    Worn and Torn Accessories

    One of the easiest ways to make a kitchen feel a bit cleaner and newer is to replace your accessories. It’s amazing how much a simple change like this will make your kitchen feel fresher.

    Old, worn-out, valances or blinds that are torn or dusty make a kitchen feel old and forgotten. Replace these with new window coverings in new colors. Consider a light, breezy curtain to let in plenty of light. Replace old, tattered, or worn-thin towels with fresh, white ones.

    Tile Countertops

    Tile countertops were wildly popular throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s. They often included bright colors and busy patterns, like a red or blue checkerboard. A counter like this will definitely make your kitchen seem outdated.

    Try replacing a tile countertop with marble, granite, or even a concrete countertop for a more modern look and feel.

    Linoleum Countertops

    Linoleum countertops rose in popularity back in the 1940s. It remained popular for decades. In the 70s brightly colored linoleum countertops were stylish.

    If your kitchen is still rocking a Day-Glo orange linoleum countertop, it may be time for an update. Marble, granite, or concrete countertops will make your kitchen look more modern.

    Honey Oak Cabinets

    Having Honey Oak cabinets dates your kitchen quite a bit. This style was quite popular throughout the 80s and 90s and is known for its orange and yellow-tinted stains. If you grew up in this era, chances are your childhood home had cabinets done in this stain.

    Consider getting your cabinets refaced with a more modern look. Gray and white are popular stain choices that will be in style for years to come.

    Wallpaper Border

    Wallpaper borders were stylish in the 80s and 90s. Often sporting bold and clashing colors and patterns, they have fallen far out of fashion, as has wallpaper in general.

    Get rid of the wallpaper borders and choose light-colored paint for your walls to make your kitchen seem bright, roomy, and modern.

    Beige Everything

    In the 2000s, everyone was painting the walls in their homes beige. It was the neutral color of choice, and homes with everything beige from walls to furniture to accessories were not uncommon.

    Beige has become an outdated trend. Grays and whites have replaced beige as the neutral of choice. Go with one of these, or a trendy bright color to bring your kitchen style up-to-date.

    Dated Appliances

    For decades, coil-topped stoves were the stove of choice. Coil-topped stoves have a simple design and are affordable. Unfortunately, they have fallen out of fashion and could be making your kitchen look old-fashioned.

    Consider replacing your old coil-topped stove with a smooth, glass-topped stove. A glass-topped stove gives your kitchen a sleek, modern look and is much easier to clean.


    For more information and ideas about updating your kitchen, visit our blog today!

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