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    6 Aspects of A Traditional Style Kitchen

    Tradional Style Kitchen

    Traditional kitchens are very popular among homeowners and architects, as it is considered a timeless design. This explains why its longevity in the market makes it one of the most sought-after styles, even after decades from its inception. One of the main reasons for this is because traditional kitchen designs fit well with almost any home decorating style. They can be coupled with contemporary living rooms or Victorian family rooms without looking out of place, thanks to their richness.

    Kitchen designs with traditional themes are easy to notice. They have rich details in every corner which display the craftsmanship of their makers, whether it is visible or not. Here are 6 aspects often seen in traditional style kitchens:

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    Richness of Color

    Traditional kitchens almost always utilize natural materials. Cabinets are often stained a rich brown, cream, or reddish tones with complementing tones in the countertop and flooring.

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    Cabinets with Beautiful Detail

    Traditional-styled cabinets are marked by intricate architectural details, such as framed cabinets with decorative favorites. Popular door styles are the Raised Panel and the Applied Molding. These details can be highlighted using glazing and antique finished hardware. In addition, cabinetry fills the space, floor to ceiling.

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    Farmhouse Sink

    A farmhouse sink really helps to accentuate a traditional-style kitchen. It features a deep white ceramic basin and exposed front, but is also available in copper, steel, or stone.

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    Luxury Countertops

    Traditional kitchen countertops are typically made of natural stone rather than artificial materials. Natural stone countertops with granite or quartz in them provide warmth and a hint of luxury to a conventional kitchen. The edge of the stone is also finished, such as beveled, ogee-edged, or bullnose- ended.

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    Decorative Hardware

    Cabinet hardware gives a traditional-style kitchen distinctive flair. Hardware can be uniform throughout or matched to cabinetry, using glass knobs to accentuate a cabinet door with a glass insert. Hardware finishes can also be matched to accent tile, mirroring or reflecting tile shape, color, and detail.

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    Ornate or Decorative Lighting

    This type of kitchen is characterized by a warm, inviting atmosphere that is enhanced by the lighting. The form and shade of light fixtures are essential as well as their location throughout the area. To enhance work areas and create ambience, lights should be placed where they may be a focal point. The most popular lighting styles are chandeliers, hanging lanterns, and recessed lighting.

    The traditional design is not for everyone, but it’s definitely suitable for those who want to stand out from the rest. It gives any home that certain touch of warmth that makes it feel cozy and inviting. We offer a great selection of wood and finishes that can help give your kitchen a beautiful, traditional look. Contact us to help create the perfect warm, classic look in your kitchen.

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