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    5 Ways to Update your Kitchen

    Now that you’ve spent quite a bit of time at home due to the pandemic, you can’t help but notice the areas around your home that could use some tender love and care or just a complete remodel. That goes for your kitchen, especially after having to use it more often. Being home more and with the HGTV channel on will definitely spark a sense of DIY (Do it yourself) confidence. Do you think you can knock out a wall, throw in some new countertops, and paint over the cabinets all by yourself with no previous experience? A kitchen renovation isn’t an easy task and takes a lot of skill and resources to complete successfully. However, below are five options to consider when looking to update your kitchen:

    1. Update Your Hardware. It’s the little things that can catch your eye and are the easiest part of a kitchen update. It is as simple as a visit to your local hardware store to purchase new, modern or stylish hardware. One of the main aspects to consider when changing out your hardware is size. You want to make sure that handle spacing and the hole for the screw are the same sizes.

    Open Concept Kitchen

    2. Get New Lighting. Many people don’t realize how much lighting affects the space. Lighting tends to dictate mood, causing a space to either feel more open or more closed. If you are looking for an easy kitchen refresh idea, consider updating your lighting fixtures or adding lighting strips under your cabinets. Another option is changing your lightbulbs. They generally come in five different “colors”: soft white, warm white, neutral white, cool white, and daylight. Each color will impact the feel of the room differently so you may want to test a few different bulbs.

    Davison, Rivershyre Cabinet Refacing Project After

    3. Update Appliances. If your appliances are old and worn, it can really affect the overall look of your kitchen. Although not cheap, purchasing new appliances can do a lot to update the look of your kitchen. Appliances are also now being offered in a range of fun colors such as red, green, blue, etc, enabling you to bring a fun pop of color into your kitchen.

    Red Stove

    4. Add a Fun Backsplash. Jazz up your kitchen with a new, fun backsplash. It allows you to bring pops of colors or a cool pattern into the space.

    Pistolesi Kitchen Remodel Project

    5. Reface Your Cabinets. When looking to update their kitchen many people are turning to painting, thinking that it will be a good cost-effective option. But it can be really time-consuming and if not done right it can actually hurt the valuation of your kitchen. If you want a cost-effective option to updating the whole look of your kitchen then refacing is the way to go. You will have lots of refacing options; you can reface your cabinets from dark to light or light to dark or even two tones. Just trust us when we say you will regret slapping some paint on your cabinets and calling it a day. Check out our website to learn more about the refacing process.

    Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Before & After

    We wish you luck on your kitchen refresh project! Happy DIYing!

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