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    5 Popular Cabinet Colors

    Perrinton Lakeside Dr Refacing After 3If you are thinking of getting your kitchen cabinets refaced, you may be wondering what color or stain you should get. What cabinet colors are trendy right now? Are neutral tones still popular? Is that stain I like still in style? In this guide, we’ll cover 5 of the most popular cabinet colors.


    Gray has been a popular choice for kitchen cabinets for a few years now, and it’s still going strong. Gray is the most versatile color you can choose. It’s simple, clean-looking, and doesn’t show every speck of dust like a white cabinet might.

    Gray is a calming color for a kitchen, making your kitchen space for relaxing and enjoying cooking and dining. Dark grays and light grays are popular choices. Keep in mind that the lighter the shade, the larger it can make the room seem.

    Choosing gray cabinets is a great choice for longevity. Even if the trend of gray cabinets ends, it is such a classy, neutral color that it will never truly go out of style.


    A newer trend that is a bit edgier, or cozier depending on how you look at it, is black cabinets. You can get it glossy or matte, and it makes your cabinets look very sleek. Black cabinets are great for those looking for that classic black-and-white kitchen look. Even all-black kitchens are a trend, although that may work best if you have a large kitchen with plenty of light.

    Black cabinets can make a kitchen look very cozy, and can make appliances pop. Like gray, black is a classic color. Although a very popular trend right now, black is unlikely to look too out-of-style when the trend ends.

    Navy Blue

    Navy blue is having a moment in the world of cabinet refacing. A classic color for everything from cars to clothing, navy is currently one of the most popular colors for kitchen cabinets.

    Choosing a navy blue color for your cabinets gives you a lovely background for almost any style or color of decor. Keep things clean and sleek with white furniture and decor. For a more feminine kitchen, pink hues and gold fixtures pair well with darker blues, as well. If you are into the farmhouse look, navy blue is a cozy backdrop for that decor style, as well.


    Green is one of the trendiest color choices for cabinets for 2022. Many hues of green are being used by interior designers; everything from dark mossy greens to earth tone greens, to bright greens, are being seen in kitchen designs.

    Many shades of green contrast nicely with warm wooden furniture. Green looks wonderful with black or stainless steel appliances and can go well with most decor. Gold or brassy fixtures pop with a green background. Neutral colors like black, gray, and white look wonderful with green. Bright decor colors like yellow, orange, dark red, and pink also look great paired with green cabinets.

    Green can make a kitchen seem cozy and warm, or bright and colorful. Choosing green when refacing your cabinets will bring a bit of nature into your kitchen.


    If all these bright, opaque colors are popular, does that mean that stained cabinets are out of style? Not necessarily!

    It’s true that old-fashioned stained wooden cabinets are not very trendy at the moment. Yet, they remain one of the most popular choices. Why? Because you can’t really go wrong with a classic look.

    Whether your kitchen is modern or traditional, stained cabinets will look great. Dark stained cabinets can make a kitchen look warm and inviting, as well as luxurious. Lighter stains can be a great choice for some kitchens, too. Gray or white stains go really well with a country-style kitchen.


    Please explore our website for more information on cabinet refacing, or to see our extensive collection of colors and stains available.

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