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    12 Creative Kitchen Storage Ideas

    An organized space helps create a calmer, less stressful environment. As we are spending more time in the kitchen, it is a great place to declutter! With these 12 creative storage ideas, you’ll get your kitchen organized in no time!

    1. Canisters Can Be Décor
      If your cabinet space is limited, consider using pretty canisters to store and display food. If there are dry good that you use a lot, such as flower, sugar, coffee, oats, etc you can store then in canisters and keep them on your counter or on an open shelf.


    1. Use Drawer Organizers
      You can save space by using drawer dividers to organize your kitchenware. Throwing utensils and such in a drawer can create clutter and make things hard to find. Dividers can help you create specific spaces for things, so you always know where to find what you need.


    1. Add Shelving or Storage Bins Under the Sink
      Under the sink is a place where most people dumb all their cleaning supplies without any though of organization. Consider getting a storage bin that you can easily slide in an out to access products or hand a small basket inside the door to keep scrub brushes, sponges, and soap easily accessible.


    1. Create a Pop Out Cubby Under the Sink
      Most sink areas have a decorative piece of wood that runs under the sink that is made to look like a drawer front. This piece helps keep a uniform look with the cabinets, but it holds potential. You can create a pop out cubby where you can have sponges and cleaning brushes so you don’t have to keep them on the counter. See an example of Amazon.


    1. Mount Your Paper Towel Roll Under or on the Side of Your Cabinet
      A paper towel stand can take up precious counter space so instead consider mounting it under a cabinet or on the side over your sink, where it is easily accessible.


    1. Use Open Shelves
      If you don’t have a lot of cabinet space utilizing open shelves is a great way to store food and kitchen items. But you need to be careful that they don’t look cluttered. You can use decorative canisters to store food or display colorful cookware.


    1. Create a Coffee Corner
      Most of us probably start the day with coffee so having all your coffee needs in one area is helpful. You can have a tray with all your coffee essentials and a rack mounted under your cabinets with hooks for your cups.


    1. Use Shelving Inside Your Cabinets
      Maximize the space in your cabinets by using shelving. This allows you to store more food or kitchenware in the same space.


    1. Use File Holders to Store Fresh Produce
      A lot of us keep fresh fruits and vegetables on our counters, but it can make your space look clutter. Consider using file holders to organize and display your produce. Opt for ones that are mesh for easy airflow.


    1. Hang Measuring Cups & Spoons on a Cabinet Door
      Most measuring cups and spoons have a hole in the handle, allowing them to be easily hung on hooks. Instead of throwing them in a drawer, hang them on the inside of an upper cabinet door where you can easily access them.


    1. Utilize a Cooking Essentials Tray by Your Stove
      Make cooking easier by keeping a tray with your frequently used cooking items next to your stove. Organize the tray with your most used utensils, cooking oils, and seasonings.


    1. Hang Pans and Knives
      Hang your regularly used pots and knives on the wall above your stove for easier accessibility. You can us metal piping with hooks to hang pans and a magnetic strip to hang knives.
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